Unlike the male counterparts , body functioning as well as mind to an extent , depends on the interplay of the different hormones in the age of 15-45 years . The cyclicity of these hormones gives rise to “Menstrual Cycle “. Whereas primarily it relates to the egg development and its release from the ovary alongwith preparation   of uterine lining , it also has an effect on skin, hair, breasts , bones .

Another aspect is the effect on the psychological wellbeing . Mood swings are known to occur during the later  phase -commonly referred to as psming .But not every feeling can be attributed to it .

I had a patient who kept saying  ” am getting fat cause am having hormonal imbalance !” so I sat down with her and jotted down a list of all activities she did , and all her diet the entire day , and guess , what she presumed hardly had anything to eat the total  calories were so much more than her ideal requirement .

So don’t blame the hormones each time !